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About Us

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to bring Gospel hope and restoration to people facing hardships.

Stowe Mission is a place to serve and be served. It’s a place for growth, both for our community members and our volunteers. It’s a place for building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus with one another. Stowe is a place for you.

Our History

Stowe Mission began as German Village Baptist Church in 1967 with a vision to help hard-living community members find gospel hope and restoration. The leaders then realized the task was much larger than any one church or group of people could do well. German Village BC became the Darty F. Stowe Memorial Baptist Center in 1981, supported at the time by the local association of Baptist churches. To involve more people, many of whom were already volunteering and serving, Stowe Center became its own 501(c)3 in 2010 as Stowe Mission of Central Ohio. The name has changed over the years, with an ever-expanding number of people serving, giving and leading, but the mission remains the same - to give gospel hope and restoration to people facing hardships.

What we Do

We strive to strengthen our community by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our neighbors.


We do this through our community kitchen, food pantry, dental, eye, and pregnancy resource clinics, after-school tutoring, and Stowe Church South City. We also provide a space for many partner organizations to serve in our neighborhood.


Through our ministries, we hope to see our neighbors grow into leaders who can then help others to grow. We hope to see disciples who make disciples.

Look for the door with the heart

Your heart matters.  Our heart is to serve you.  You'll find us when you buzz in at the door with the heart.  Door #5

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