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Are you Pregnant?

At Stowe, we have a team of on-site staff ready to listen to every situation and answer your questions.

Pregnancy is a 40-week journey that can be beautiful, scary, exciting and exhausting all at once. Whether this is your first or your fourth pregnancy, please know you don’t have to face it alone.


Women’s bodies are simply amazing. During pregnancy, they grow and change every single day to support and nurture the growing life of their baby. There’s so much going on inside a pregnant woman’s body - but there might be even more going on in her mind. It’s likely she has a lot of questions. Well, that’s why we’re here!

How Do i know?


We offer free and confidential pregnancy tests.  


Pregnancy begins at the moment an egg is fertilized by a sperm.  From that point, a new being begins to grow as its cells multiply.  Chances are good that you will not know that occurred until you begin to experience symptoms.  Symptoms of pregnancy include a missed menstrual cycle, tender breasts, nausea, headaches, swollen breast, frequent urination, light spotting, and increased body temperature.  If you are having one or more of these symptoms and would like to get a test, we can help.  We offer laboratory quality pregnancy tests.  Make an appointment today.

Parenting Matters

Earn While You Learn

Our Earn While You Learn Parenting Classes are offered during your appointment time.  You’ll receive a dozen diapers and a package of wipes each time you take a class.  You’ll also receive a minimum of 30 points to use in our boutique.  You choose what you spend those points on.  You may choose to purchase 3 more dozen diapers, or you may choose a new sleeper, a blanket, and a toy for your baby. It’s up to you.  


Every rewarding job utilizes tools of the trade.  Parenting is no different.  With parenting, some tools get passed down from generation to generation.  Some tools are distributed by lady wisdom. And unfortunately some tools get tossed aside, onto the battlefield of life.  Whether you have a full tool belt, or are completely unsure of which tools you’ll need, you can benefit from parenting education.  Every parent wants to do a good job and every parent needs tools.  Come learn tools to help you prepare for your journey,  foresee what is ahead, and scale any obstacle.    Our classes are one-on-one, so there’s no need to wait for a specific time.  You take classes based on your own personal needs.

Now What?


We want to walk alongside you as you navigate this incredible, challenging journey. That’s why we offer detailed and knowledgeable education on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. When you come to our center, you’ll meet one-on-one with our caring, knowledgeable consultants who not only want to answer your questions, but they want to get to know you, too! We’re honored to offer you a listening ear and encouraging support as you walk through these amazing (and sometimes scary!) 40 weeks and beyond.


We also have key partnerships within our community that allow us to connect you with much-needed resources - things like steady prenatal care, pack ’n plays, carseats and more.


We also know that babies - and pregnant mamas - need stuff. So we offer material aid, too - stuff like prenatal vitamins, diapers, baby clothes and more. 


We weren’t made to go through life alone. That’s why we want to walk alongside you as you do the hard work of pregnancy. Will you let us be a part of your and your new baby’s journey?

My Baby Needs a Crib


Does your baby have a safe sleep environment?  Remember the ABC's of Safe Sleep:

Infant mortality is a serious problem in our city of Columbus, Ohio.  One important way for you to protect your baby is to make sure that your child sleeps in a safe environment.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that babies are safer sleeping Alone on their Backs and in a Crib (ABCs of Safe Sleep).  Your baby’s sleep environment should be empty, no blankets, toys, or bumpers allowed.


Your baby should NEVER sleep in a bed with an adult, on a couch, or on a chair where they can succumb to entrapment, overlay, or accidental suffocation.  If you don’t have a safe sleep environment for your baby, you may qualify for a free Pack- N -Play.  Call 614-620-7286 today.

Pregnancy Test

Cindy, New Mom

“This program has been my life line. I had no idea how to raise a child and I was so scared. However the people helped educate and encourage me with every visit. They also provided clothes,diapers, and toys for my baby. Words can’t explain how grateful I am. God is doing amazing things through this program.”

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